Ryan here and I work as an accountant, a CPA, in Philadelphia. I have always loved Philadelphia and I should as it is my hometown. Yep, I am a true, die-hard Philadelphian through and through. When I was in middle school, I already knew I wanted to attend Penn State (close enough…like most young people, I wanted to attend a college where my parents could visit, but not just show up out of the blue..lol).

But anyway, after I graduated from Penn with my degree in accounting, I came back home to Philly for work. Since I had did an internship at a Philly CPA firm, I already had job in place. And I have been here every since. I know most people would want to go some place else after living and attending college in the same area, but not me. There is just something about Philly and the people that is in my blood.

So, here I am, years later, and still in Philly, and still loving it. I work for the same CPA firm from college, and I have even moved up in the company. At some recent point, I decided to pen a blog, and when I was deciding what it should be on, being a CPA in Philadelphia was the only answer. I hope you enjoy!

Check back often to see what I have to say.